Business Intelligence and Analytics

Yellowfin BI delivers world-class reporting & analytics that’s incredibly easy-to-use and fast to deploy.
No matter whether you're a casual business user or the CIO, Yellowfin makes it easy for you to unearth the insights you need from your critical data assets. Transform your data into rich visualizations and interactive dashboards. Answer your organization’s most important questions. Then share, collaborate and make data-driven decisions.

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Key Features


Align action with strategy.

You expect your Business Intelligence solution to convert data into insights. However, finding insights is only half the puzzle, because data-driven insights are only valuable when shared. Traditional BI platforms leave you disconnected from where people make decisions – in the field, via email, and in meetings. Yellowfin is different; enabling faster and smarter collective decision-making. Yellowfin is redefining what Collaborative BI means in the BI industry.


Monitor your business with ease.

Dashboards are the perfect way to monitor your business and get answers quickly. Yellowfin dashboards are easy to create and highly customizable. Deliver personalized and interactive dashboards that your users will love.


Discover valuable insights fast.
Yellowfin makes exploring and visualizing your data easy. Just connect to any of your favourite your data sources and start visualizing to uncover patterns, identify trends and discover insights – no coding required.


Tell compelling stories with your data
Many important decisions are made in meetings. So why settle for static screenshots of reports pasted into PowerPoint? Deliver engaging presentations and share live data with Storyboard - Yellowfin’s fully integrated and interactive presentation platform for BI content. Easily share your data, insights and tell compelling stories to drive smarter fact-based action.


Stay on top of the trends.

Your data is only actionable when it’s in the hands of the right decision-makers.  But, what if you don’t have time to log into your BI platform everyday? Yellowfin has you covered. Proactive alerts, broadcasts and subscription reporting keep you on top of business critical changes. Never miss an important shift in your data again.


Easy for business, great for IT.

Yellowfin is different. Unlike most BI products, we deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated platform. The result? Your BI consumers enjoy a great user experience, your data analysts feel well supported to create quality BI content, while your IT folk have all the governance features needed to ensure trust and security in your BI platform.


Connect to all your data with ease.

Data is your company’s most valuable asset. That’s why Yellowfin makes it easy for you to connect to all your enterprise data sources – wherever they are. Break down your analytic silos and connect to all the data sources you use to do your job – spreadsheets, databases, Web applications – no matter where they reside. Create a single source of the truth for all your reporting needs in Yellowfin.

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