Describe your experience at Moore Singapore in one word?
I would say that I find my whole internship experience at Moore Singapore really fulfilling and that I learnt a lot during my rather short 1.5 months with them. I have never done an accounting-based internship before and thus this was my first one. This internship allowed me to apply what I have learnt in school to the real world. It felt like a hands-on activity which i am really grateful for. Before taking up the internship, i was told that the job of an auditor is mundane and unfulfilling but after this internship i would beg to differ.
Describe your typical day as an Audit Assurance Intern at Moore Singapore?
During peak season (which is the case for my winter internship) we would usually be stationed at our client’s office for our engagement. There, I will offer assistance to my two audit seniors and perform standard auditing procedures such as vouching, mapping of management accounts or summarising board meetings etc. For lunch, I will usually join my audit seniors at food places near our engagement place. Lucky for me, my 2 engagements were in the CBD areas hence we are often spoilt for choice as CBD has a plethora of cheap and good food! (think Amoy Street).
What do you find most challenging during your internship at Moore Singapore and what is your proudest moment thus far?
I think the most challenging part was due to my lack of internship experience which contributed to the steep learning curve when I first started. Although I have taken an audit module before, it was slightly difficult for me to apply what I had learnt in school into the real world as there might be slight variations such as different industries have slightly different substantive procedures etc. Therefore, it took me a while to get a grasp on things and with the help of my very patient colleagues, I managed to overcome it.
I think that my proudest moment would be nearing the end of my internship, where I managed to familiarise myself with the standard accounting procedures and could perform tasks on my own and did not have to keep bombarding my poor and patient colleagues with questions!
What have you gained from your internship experience at Moore Singapore?
I left the internship feeling that despite a rather short period (1.5 months), I actually gained a lot. Firstly, this internship provided an opportunity to get an experience on what it is like working as an auditor. It provided me with a very realistic and clear view on what my future career path would be if I was an auditor. It broadens my horizon and I am so thankful that Moore Singapore provided me with so many opportunities to enhance my learning (such as going for stock takes, going for different engagements).
Secondly, being at Moore Singapore have helped me honed my soft skills such as interacting with my colleagues or clients, I was also given the honour of going down to my school, NUS and interacting with my peers, sharing with them my experience at work.
Last but not least, are the friendships forged with my fellow interns and colleagues at Moore Singapore. One that I really enjoyed about my internship was the friendly nature of the colleagues and interns. Lunchtimes are my favourite as we get to bond with fellow colleagues and just share more about our personal life apart from work. I do believe that even during peak season, where everyone is stressed out and the atmosphere gets increasingly tensed, a good circle of friends and a solid support system is tremendously important.
What advice do you have for prospective Moore Singapore internship candidates?
I would say just come with an open mind and always be proactive! The job of an auditor is not as bad as what people say. I think being proactive will allow you to gain the most out of your internship!
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