Contributed by Moore Asia Pacific

Founded in 1985, Da Hua is one of the largest large-scale accounting firms in China, one of the first batch of domestic firms approved to engage in H-share listing auditing, and a pilot firm carrying out the program for collectivized development of large-scale accounting firms launched by the Ministry of Finance. For consecutive years, it has ranked highly among China’s large accounting firms. In 2019, Da Hua ranked ninth across China and fifth among domestic-funded firms in the top 100 list issued by the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In 2013, Da Hua joined Moore Global, the world’s tenth largest accounting network and became its only coordinator and liaison office in China, with Chief Partner Liang Chun admitted to the Global Policy Committee of Moore Global. 

Da Hua has more than 6,100 employees, including more than 1,400 Chinese certified public accountants, and about 300 professionals with certified public accountants qualifications in such developed countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, who can provide international services; there are 16 experts awarded the title of “Leading Reverse Talents in China’s CPA Industry”, more than 50 senior members of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and more than 200 well-known and outstanding experts in and outside the industry. These experts are industry leaders in financial accounting, audit, tax, corporate governance and strategic management consulting, internal control, risk management, comprehensive budget management, corporate M&A and reorganisation, IT auditing and international business. 

Accredited by PCAOB, Da Hua is qualified for auditing US listed companies; it was one of the first batch that obtained the qualifications for auditing business of H-share listed companies in 2010. Da Hua can not only engage in auditing domestic listed companies, large central and local state-owned enterprises, and large financial and insurance enterprises, but also provide global auditing and consulting services for Chinese enterprises developing overseas markets and foreign enterprises settling down in China.
Da Hua provides such services as audit assurance, management consulting, asset evaluation, engineering consulting, taxation services, etc. primarily for listed companies, large state-owned enterprises, financial and insurance enterprises, and foreign-invested enterprises. It provides audit services for more than 10,000 clients every year., including more than 300 listed companies, nearly 30 central enterprises, more than 200 provincial-level enterprise groups, and more than 500 foreign enterprises, covering aerospace, finance and insurance, energy and mineral resources, petrochemicals, electronic technologies, public services, real estate, transportation, processing and manufacturing, instrumentation, fast-moving consumer goods, hotels and restaurants, general merchandise, e-commerce, agricultural product manufacturing, tourism, medicine, telecommunications and other industries, and has undertaken other special audits of special purposes entrusted by governmental departments and international organisations several times. 

With the transformation of the national economy, Da Hua worked with Da Hua (Beijing) Certified Tax Agency, Da Hua Project Cost (Shanghai) Ltd., and Beijing Rongpeng Law Firm to establish Da Hua Enterprise Management Company in 2014 based on the Da Hua brand for the purpose of diversified services, dedicating to providing customers with such multi-faceted and high-quality services as audit assurance, tax planning, project cost, asset evaluation, and management consulting tailored to the customers’ business characteristics.

Da Hua has been adhering to the corporate tenet of planning the future based on a new starting point, providing services as per high standards, and high-level scientific development, and the internal control concept of “people foremost and excellence.” It is committed to building a standard, coordinated and efficient integrated management mechanism to maintain the public benefits, establishing an effective internal management system to comprehensively improve the level of practice, endeavouring to become an industrially recognised and socially-trusted brand accounting firm featuring standardised management and first-class services, providing high-quality, efficient professional services to the society, and making the national accounting brand forever shine. 

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