Xena Ngoo
Nanyang Technological University Undergraduate
Audit Associate, Moore Stephens LLP, Singapore
I have always aspired to be an Auditor and draw great inspiration from my Aunt who had a fulfilling career as an Auditor in her many good years. Always the systematic and organised one, I have found these innate traits of mine fitting to the traits of a good Auditor.

Life as an Audit Intern

My internship experience at Moore Singapore had left a lasting impression on me and I must admit that these first 2 months heavily influenced my decision to kick-start my Audit journey with the firm.
I found myself truly impressed by the friendly work place culture where the Audit Seniors are always ever-so-willing to share their knowledge with not just the new interns but also the full-time staff at work. Despite their busy engagements, Audit Seniors have always exhibited this with clarity and utmost patience.
I truly appreciate the experience and all that I’ve learnt thus far. This workplace culture, I believe is attributed to the firms structured learning programme – the orientation trainings and the buddy system which have since also served me as well in transitioning out of university and into my new workplace environment.

Joining the Firm

Fresh out of academia, I remember feeling naturally lost during my first day of work. Fortunately, the 2-week orientation trainings provided a good overarching guide for me with regards to the accounting technicalities and the applications which are useful when I am at the client’s place for fieldwork. Additionally, the buddy system, proved once again to be extremely useful in helping me adjust to life at work. Working alongside a competent and helpful buddy, helped clear the little doubts I had along the way, from the simple things like submitting a timesheet to the preparation of the proforma financial statement. I am proud to have transitioned well from my life as a student to a now more responsible working adult.

A Learning Culture

Aside from the workplace environment, I have found the learning culture at Moore Singapore to be extremely appealing for growth and exposure of work where we as auditors are not restricted to a single scope of work, but are encouraged to explore different aspects and scopes of the job, to utilise the various platforms provided, coupled with opportunities to learn, teach and express ourselves, to almost effectively see the bigger picture. At Moore Singapore, we do not just learn from our friends, buddies and seniors. We also learn to teach.

Discovering Life at Moore Singapore


On top of the work opportunities provided, Moore Singapore also places great emphasis on team bonding activities. I recently attended my first firmwide Annual Dinner 2020 organised by the firm which included engaging segments such as the photobooth, songs performed by colleagues and dancing as a group which made Moore Singapore feel like home. As a shy and reserved person with a natural tendency to take time to open up and make friends, my now colleagues and friends at Moore Singapore, have made this barrier, one that is easy for me to overcome.


It has been a great 5 months at Moore Singapore thus far, and I must say that it is these simple interactions at Moore Singapore, that have made my friendships evolve not only inside but outside of work and my journey thus far, a truly memorable one.

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