Audit Assurance Intern Talks on Intriguing Experience at Moore Stephens

While many would akin accounting to rigid and mundane job scopes, Audit Assurance Intern, Eullie Quek begs to differ. On the contrary, he sums up his Moore Stephens Internship experience as one that he would describe as 'intriguing'. With already a range of prior internship and work placement experiences ahead of Moore Stephens, we caught up with the Singapore Management University (SMU) undergraduate, also the Mdm Tan Gim Tee scholar to discover more.

Describe your experience at Moore Stephens, Singapore in one word?
Many would think that auditing equates to mundane job scopes, which I beg to differ. On the different audit jobs, there were variations of issues which I have encountered that were never taught in school. This has motivated me to become an agile thinker and be able to learn quickly on the go.

How did you first learn about the company and what why did you decide to pursue an internship at Moore Stephens, Singapore?
I first learnt about Moore Stephens, Singapore when I chanced upon the scholarships that the company has established with the Singapore Management University (SMU). This led me to apply for the Mdm Tan Gim Tee Scholarship in the Academic Year 2017/2018. The scholarship donor, being that of Moore Stephens LLP's Senior Partner provided me the opportunity for an internship placement with the company. 

Describe your typical day as an Audit Assurance Intern at Moore Stephens?
In the morning, I will usually meet my audit team to go to our client’s office together. As my internship was during the peak of audit, my job scope mainly comprises of performing substantive procedures, which includes looking at financial statements, vouching for the different sections such as cash, sales & purchases, and expenses. I had the chance to interact with some of the clients directly during the audit. Besides that, I had the chance to attend to a few year end stock counts while in the duration of my internship.

What do you find most challenging during your internship at Moore Stephens and what is your proudest moment thus far?
As I did not have any prior experience in audit, it was challenging for me to incorporate the knowledge acquired academically into the actual work done, as I feel that there is a slight difference between the concepts learnt in school and the tasks to be performed at work. Also, the audit teams which I was in demonstrated the importance of teamwork especially when there is a time constraint for each audit job.

My proudest moment would be when I was able to complete the assigned tasks and audit sections independently. It indicated that I have understood the work flow and was able to handle tasks with more responsibilities for future job assignments.

What have you gained from your internship experience at Moore Stephens?
The seniors whom I’ve worked with were friendly and approachable, which I was then able to clarify my doubts and strengthen my knowledge on the work processes. Furthermore, as we deal with different clients almost every other day, I have learnt to adapt to the different environments and become more confident with speaking to different professionals in the industry.

Additionally, the internship at Moore Stephens has provided me with opportunities to meet a variety of other accounting professionals in the field. This has enhanced my communication skills in a professional environment, which I believe will establish a strong foundation for my career.


Apart from school, Eullie finds the time to get involved in school events and activities. You are most likely to find Eullie working out at the gym if he isn't experimenting with new baking ideas to feed his baking hobby as a food lover. 

Eullie who's personal mantra is to "lead a fruitful life and live life with no regrets”, believes that the decisions that we make today will define who we become tomorrow. He shares a tips to make the most out of an internship at Moore Stephens, Singapore. 

What advice do you have for prospective Moore Stephens LLP internship candidates?
To be open-minded and be willing to learn. It is an opportunity to apply your accounting knowledge and gain real-world experiences. At the same time, don’t be afraid to ask questions as the seniors and supervisors are more than willing to guide you through them.

Learning and development does not stop at Moore Stephens. Whilst we believe in providing exceptional value for our clients and our professionals, we take time to give back to the future workforce to prepare to help them thrive in a changing world. 

Learn more about our learning and development program and visit our Moore Stephens Careers Page today. 

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