Corporate Recovery, Restructuring and Insolvency (CRRI)

In today’s fast-changing landscape, companies face a plethora of unexpected challenges at every step. 

Your efforts to plan and execute effective organisational restructurings to cut costs, streamline processes, improve results and turn around the organisation will deliver greater impact and superior results with insightful advice from our experienced specialists possessing the right mix of industry and technical skillsets.

In cases of financial difficulties, we can assist your stakeholders to assess business viability, manage cash flow, review options for sale of assets and unprofitable businesses, rationalise business and product lines, develop and negotiate debt-structuring schemes with creditors, develop and monitor restructuring plans, source for potential “white knights” and strategic investors, and seek synergies with potential joint venture partners.

A common misconception associated with insolvency is that the company and its business cannot be saved and all is lost. The insolvency process, utilised appropriately, can be a tool to restructure and rehabilitate businesses with financial issues. Involvement of insolvency specialists with the right mix of industry and technical expertise at the earliest opportunity can provide your financially-troubled businesses with optimal opportunities for survival and turnaround. At Moore Stephens LLP, we recognise that every situation is unique, and seek maximum opportunities for success with a handcrafted team of specialists for each engagement. Insolvency services that you can rely upon include judicial management, schemes of arrangement, receivership, as well as liquidation.

Creditors of financially-troubled organisations can also benefit from our suite of services. You can rely on trusted specialists to maximise your opportunities for success in a full range of dispute resolution issues such as winding-up proceedings, debt recovery disputes, bringing and enforcing sanctions against management and directors, and more.



  • Turnaround services
  • Assess the financial and operational viability of ongoing business 
  • Develop debt-restructuring schemes to creditors
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of restructure plan 
  • Operational restructuring
  • Assess business plans, accounting policies, systems and controls 
  • Recommend methods to streamline operating costs, improve profitability and cash flow generation
  • Sourcing for funding and synergistic partners
  • Source and negotiate with potential "white knights" or strategic investors to provide new equity injection or loan participation
  • Special accountant
  • Sale of Business or non-core assets 
  • Rationalistation of the Business / Product Lines
  • Judicial management
  • Scheme of arrangement
  • Receivership
  • Compulsory Court Liquidation, Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation and Members' Voluntary Liquidation 
  • Unsecured creditors’ services
  • Advise unsecured creditors of their rights of debt enforcement 
  • Act as public trustees to undertake recovery and realisation of assets 
  • Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency