Corporate Finance and Corporate Restructuring

Our Corporate Finance and Corporate Restructuring Division can help to structure and execute an array of financial transactions. In today’s fast-changing landscape, companies face a plethora of unexpected challenges at every step. We can assist your business to deal with challenges, as well as to identify and turnaround under-performing businesses through an inter-disciplinary approach that engages your diverse stakeholders.

Assisted by teams located in all major cities in the world, we work with companies who require our expertise in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets and other financial advisory work.

We can facilitate your IPO/RTO ambitions. Going public can be an exciting event and it is an important milestone for any company. It is our commitment to you that the process of the initial public offer will be a success. We can facilitate your success with a wide range of services including Pre-IPO/RTO preparation, restructuring, selection of advisors, issues resolution, and general project management and co-ordination.

You can rely on us for trusted support in mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Regardless of whether you are the buyer or the seller, our specialists will manage your entire transaction to ensure successful completion. We can help you by establishing pricing expectations and will structure your deal taking into consideration the local governing rules and regulations. 
For underperforming and/or financially distressed companies, you can expect innovative and practical solutions that cut across organisational issues and directly address the challenges faced by these companies. Critical stakeholder engagement and development of optimal solutions for all stakeholders concerned will be a key focus. Your efforts to plan and execute effective organisational restructurings to cut costs, streamline processes, improve results and turn around the organisation will deliver greater impact and superior results with insightful advice from our experienced specialists possessing the right mix of industry and technical skillsets.

The expertise of our restructuring specialists extend beyond insolvent organisations. You can rely on our specialists to improve your performance and identify business opportunities even in the absence of financial difficulties and/or insolvencies. 

A common misconception associated with insolvency is that the company and its business cannot be saved and all is lost. The insolvency process, utilised appropriately, can be a tool to restructure and rehabilitate businesses with financial issues. Involvement of restructuring specialists with the right mix of industry and technical expertise at the earliest opportunity can provide your financially-troubled businesses with optimal opportunities for survival and turnaround. 


  • Initial Public Offerings / Reverse Takeovers
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Corporate Restructuring Services
  • Insolvency Administration Services