Efficient Employee Development Starts with Effective Learning and Development Programs and its Training Managers


Contributed by Moore Singapore

With the rising costs of the great resignation, companies seek for more ways to attract and retain employees. An approach to combat this is to offer effective training and development programs for employees to encourage them to stay. A 2019 LinkedIn study, shows that workers will stay if companies invest in their development.

But what makes a learning and training program effective? As Managers are also in a unique position to drive employee retention and engagement, it is imperative that companies ensure that they have a more active role in employee training and development. We speak to our learning and development Senior manager, Redgie Del Rosario to learn more about her expertise with further insights into the direction and curriculum of the Moore Singapore Campus for a more engaged workforce.

A brief summary about yourself. Your background. Your interests.

I am a Learning & Development Senior Manager who is passionate in people and building relationships.  I started my career with one of the Big Four accounting firms and have over 8 years of audit experience.  I ventured in the Human Capital space, particularly Learning & Development, as I enjoyed training and imparting knowledge to our staff and in turn, contributing to their professional development.  Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my husband and two precious kids.

Your role as a training manager and responsibility.

 I work with our leaders to develop the learning agenda and objectives for our staff and implement development activities that are aligned to the strategic goals of the firm.  This involves analysing the firm’s training needs and providing learning solutions to meet any competency requirements.  As we gear up for the training season, I’ll be working with subject matter experts and external training organisations (where needed) to deliver relevant learning for our staff, both physically and virtually.

Achievements thus far?

 It was an honour to be recognised by ICAEW Singapore as the Most Outstanding ATE (Authorised Training Employer) Student Manager for 2021.
I manage the professional qualifications and certifications of staff and come alongside with them in their journey to being chartered accountants.

Introduce the Moore Singapore campus and how does it differentiate from other campuses?

Our strategic vision is to be The Preferred Firm of our clients, our people, and all our business partners.  Moore Singapore Campus is a programme that focuses on our People, the future leaders of the business.  We aim to support and create next-generation leaders who remain relevant to our clients and the community.  Core initiatives will be built upon the Moore Global Pillars of Excellence of leadership, personal and technical skills.

What can we look forward to in terms of our training for professional development?

We provide blended learning through physical and virtual classroom sessions, e-learnings, lunch-and-learns, and peer group learning sessions.
Our training programme will be more targeted and customized with curated learner pathways recommended for each grade.  We encourage our people to take ownership of their learning by allowing them to study at their own pace and study what they need.  They will be able to design their own training programme, vetted and approved by their supervisor, which allows them to go for courses they want to improve in or are particularly interested in.
Leadership excellence

  • At Moore Singapore, we start developing our people to be leaders in their profession from Day 1.  Each key transition in their career is accompanied by a milestone programme to help prepare and equip them with skills needed in their new roles.

Personal excellence

  • At Moore Singapore, we believe that the heart of our success lies in our people.  We are determined to help our people grow and succeed through programmes like the Moore Essential Skills training series, which covers non-technical but important skills, such as team management, communication and effective virtual teamwork.

Technical excellence

  • At Moore Singapore, we want to help our people develop technical excellence in whatever they do.  With an extensive compilation of tailored technical training developed by both Moore Global and our in-house subject matter experts, we ensure that our people can develop their technical capabilities at a pace that is right for each individual.  We also offer specialist tracks for specific industries, such as shipping, construction and financial services.

At Moore Singapore, we believe in empowering our people to pursue their passions in the work that they do. Believing that everyone’s unique capabilities collectively contributes with impact to the ‘larger’ things that matter, we strive to ensure that we provide the right support, the working and social-work environment to enable our people to reach and fulfill their potential.

With learning at the heart of what we believe in, we ensure that our learning culture is embodied in all aspects of what we do in our firm, as a firm and for our people. The ripple effect of this we believe, provides a meaningful and enriching learning experience for our employees and in effect, their long term growth and tenure with us at Moore Stephens LLP.