Contributed by Moore Singapore

At Moore, we recognise that people are our firms’ greatest assets, and an international assignment is a further investment in people. Secondments at Moore offer potential secondees the opportunity to explore various opportunities across the network that grow their careers and themselves.

Moore Singapore is glad to be able to collaborate with Moore Australia on a 3 months secondment opportunity in Perth!

We spoke to Roger Teo, Audit Assistant Manager, to hear his thoughts before he left for Perth and, we hope he has settled down nicely and is enjoying his time in Perth right now!

Can you tell us a brief summary about yourself?


My name is Roger, and I have been in the audit industry for over 5 years. In 2022, I seized an exciting opportunity to join Moore Singapore as an Audit Senior, and was promoted to Assistant Manager in January 2023. I am truly grateful to Moore Singapore for the numerous opportunities it has provided me, which have equipped me with valuable skills and prepared me for my secondment opportunity in Moore Australia.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing basketball, badminton, and table tennis. During times when I am stressed, I find solace in playing the drums and taking leisurely walks along the beach, appreciating the serenity and beauty of nature. I enjoy brewing a cup of coffee to kickstart a brand-new day, allowing its aroma to energise me and prepare me for the day's upcoming challenges.

How did you get to know of the secondment? What motivated you to take on this secondment opportunity in Perth?

Michelle, Partner at Moore Singapore, approached me with an exciting secondment opportunity in Perth. This opportunity provides our Singapore staff with exposure to industries that Moore Singapore currently does not serve. Michelle believes that by gaining this exposure, we will not only gain valuable knowledge for future business opportunities but will also broaden our understanding of different industries.

I was motivated to take up this secondment opportunity as it will allow me to gain experience in a different working environment as well as the working pace in Perth. This exposure will undoubtedly contribute to my personal and professional growth, allowing me to return to Moore Singapore with valuable knowledge and insights.

Could you let us know how was the selection process like?

After expressing my interest in the secondment opportunity, an interview was scheduled with Shaun William, Partner at Moore Australia, and Rhonda McFadden, People and Culture Manager, at Moore Australia. During the interview, I shared my audit experience with Shaun and Rhonda, which allowed them to assess my suitability for the post. I was also given the chance to ask questions relating to Moore Australia’s work procedures and working environment. After several rounds of virtual meetings, a strong connection had been established between us, and I was eventually selected!

How do you think this secondment will contribute to your professional growth and development as an auditor? 

Moore Australia and Moore Singapore are member firms, and we have opportunities to collaborate with each other on certain engagements. I will be able to gain hands-on experience with the people I will be meeting at Moore Australia, and work with clients from diversified industries such as mining and hospitality. My goal is to integrate Moore Australia's best audit practices into the engagements that I will be working on. Through this experience, I hope to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of my audit reviews and engagements management.

Having the opportunity to experience and learn from the professionals from another member firm is extremely valuable for my personal and professional development and growth. Embracing the approaches and practices from Moore Australia will not only expand my skill set but also broaden my perspective on auditing as a whole. This knowledge transfer will empower me to contribute even more effectively to future projects and strengthen my overall competence in the field.

Lastly, how do you feel about going to Perth?

I am filled with excitement as I prepare to embark on this journey to Perth, a city that I have never visited before. However, there is also a tinge of uncertainty that arises from traveling alone and connecting with unfamiliar faces. Nevertheless, I believe that stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing these challenges will lead to personal growth and valuable experiences.  I am confident that this adventure will be fruitful in terms of learning, exploring, and connecting with new people.

I have also received a few sightseeing recommendations from the partners and staff at Moore Singapore to keep me busy during the weekends!