Enterprise Resource Planning

We live in the era of the Digital Revolution. Business models are transforming, customer expectations are surging, and the way we operate and compete is turning upside down.

It’s time to revolutionise business software!



Field Service – Finance – HR – Planning – Procurement – Projects – Reporting & Analytics

What does the next-generation ERP look like?
The latest version of Unit4 Business World On! helps you unlock the best from your team and adapt to new opportunities and challenges – faster, more cost-effectively and without disruption. Business World On! leverages the latest innovations of the Digital Revolution, such as predictive analytics and sentiment analysis, to transform complex information into smart information. It helps make the concept of “Self-Driving ERP” a reality, empowering your people to make informed decisions, collaborate better and focus on the tasks that matter.

What we do: 
With Unit4 you can manage your entire services operation in a single, integrated, cloud ERP suite. Our solutions are designed around the people who use them, so they’re quick to roll out, a joy to work with, fast to deliver real benefits and easy to change.
Why we’re different:
Traditional ERP solutions are too hard to use and need recoding by specialists when changes are needed after implementation. Our ERP solutions are designed from the ground up to help users easily adapt the system themselves, to reflect ongoing business or operational changes. So you’ll always be agile.

Unit4 Overview – In Business for People


People-centric solutions to empower the finance team

Unit4 Financials provides the original unified-ledger, global accounting system that gives your organization a single, real-time version of the truth. Embrace the best-of-breed financial solution that integrates with your existing systems for total freedom of choice and ongoing business agility.
What we do:
Unit4 puts your finance team at the heart of the organization – in control, with full visibility. Our solutions enable you to streamline and automate finance processes, embed best-practice operation and improve business visibility, compliance and corporate governance for even the largest, most complex or fast-changing enterprises.
Why we’re different: 
Traditional finance systems are difficult to set up, hard to use and require expert assistance whenever something in the organization changes. Our solutions are light, flexible and agile – easy to mold precisely to your organization and keep in step through ongoing change, to deliver the precise data and insights you need.

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